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Symbolism in Scaffolds

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne uses many things for symbolism and in my
opinion the most symbolic were the scaffold scenes. There are a total of three scaffold
scenes and each has its own purpose and meaning. Without the scaffold scenes this
book would basically leave you clueless to what was really going on because the
scaffold scenes really tell you what is going on and why.
Thefirst scaffold scene is basically an introduction to the whole book. You learn who all
the main charters are and most of all Hester and her terrible crime she committed. This
is thefirst time everyone sees Hester with the letter “A” on her bosom. Hester is a very
brave woman for standing up on that scaffold in front of everyone in the town to gawk at
and for admitting that she had committed adultery. Also, it takes a very courageous
person to stick up for what they believe in like she did by not telling who she had
The whole story builds you up to this point of finding out who Hester committed adultery
with. By this point in the story you have some clue who the father of Pearl is but until
you get to the second scaffold scene you don''t know for sure. At the second scaffold
scene Dimesdale is on the scaffold and Hester and Pearl come up and join him.
Dimesdale is wearing down by the burden of his sin he committed. He goes to the
scaffold to confess to God and ask for some kind of forgiveness. Then a cloud forms
the letter “A” in the sky and everyone thinks this stands for angel because that''s how
they view Dimesdale. Then when Dimesdale goes to leave he leaves his glove on the
scaffold to symbolize he was there and that he should have been up there with Hester
and his daughter in thefirst place.
Then when you think everything is going to turn out okay and nothing bad is going to
happen to Hester and Pearl, Dimesdale goes up on the scaffold. This worries Hester


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