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Max Dutton, a starting NFL linebacker for the Los Angeles Condors, is certain heaˆ™s going to die young since his father and grandfather both passed away at an early age. Believing his life will be cut short, Max lives every moment to its fullest. For this reason, Max also shies away from forming close relationships. What would be the point of falling in love and starting a family only to leave them as his father left him and his sisters? Nutrition expert, Kari Murphy, used to think Max Dutton was to die for. She’s older and wiser now, but then sheaˆ™s hired by the NFL franchise to follow Max around for a couple of weeks and give him healthy-eating advice, foolproof facts about carbohydrates and tasteful tips on cooking and shopping smart. Kari Murphy must work side by side with the guy she spent one spectacular night with during high schoolaˆ¦the guy she pined after for way too long. Too bad he doesn’t remember her.


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