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Taxi Driver Analysis

One of the greatest artistic films of all time is none other than Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver". The film is less a realistic drama than it is a turmoil of the unconscious. The events depicted in the film could not haven take place in our modern world. Scorsese shows us a "Hell on Earth" environment, and by taking us out of our world of conventions; the film depicts a seemingly all too real depiction of the human mind, and the potential of its limits.
The main aspect of the film' captivating story is its exquisite development of the character, Travis Bickle. This man represents every man in his loneliness and potential for violence. His inner psyche is in no way real, but rather a nightmare. By constantly reinforcing the dreamlike nature of the story, the director makes it seem that we are floating in Bickle's mind, and everything we see we realize is not the way it really is, but the way he sees it. The narratology of this film makes it no less a documentary of the human mind than it is a story. When we look at the movie from this perspective, we can see that the Bickle is very much like us. He is frightened by what he does not understand. He is alienated by a seemingly cold society that rejects his attempts at intimacy. Perhaps we have all not been alienated in this way, but surely all of us have felt alone and sometimes afraid. At certain times we agree to him as a sophisticated idealist, while other times we portray him as a psycho. The story makes his inner mentality all too realistically believable.
Robert De Niro magnificently portrays his character right down to the core, intensifying the oh so shockingly real personality of Travis Bickle. He has exploited every aspect of his character and from his on screen performance; he has embodied himself into Bickle's delirium. De Niro even went as far as actually getting a taxi driving license, to get a sense of what the


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