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Taxi Driver

One small thing that I noticed in the beginning of the movie was when they showed shots
of the city through the car's windshield.I saw that it was blurred and there were no windshield
wipers used.Immediately it entered my mind that maybe this symbolized Travis's distorted view
of the world around him.He was surrounded by a city's crime and sleaze, which later drives him
to commit murder."Taxi Driver" was one of the most powerful movies that I have ever seen.It
provides one with a realization of the filth that lurks in a big city like New York.As insane as he was, I almost understood what drove him to insanity and why he felt that he should kill the people that he did.
In Taxi Driver, I felt that Robert De Niro's character, Travis, was extremely alone.This
was apparent in many situations.The one that stuck out most was during the famous "You
talkin' to me?" scene.However, the line that I got the most out of was when he said, "Well, I'm
the only one here."Ironically enough, in his head he was the only one there.Even in a huge city like New York amongst millions of people, he feels like the only one who is really there.When, in sense, he is not "there" at all.
His loneliness only goes deeper when he fails to connect with people.He seems to not
know the right way to treat people or how to act in society.Travis asks Betsy on a date with
good intentions but then takes her to a porno theater.He meets Senator Palantine in his cab and ensues with the normal flattery of any famous person.But the viewer, and Palantine, can still
sense that something was wrong.He feels that he must rescue Betsy from the campaign but when he can't he feels he must kill Palantine.
Another thing that I noticed in the movie is that the viewer never really gets to know the
real Travis.During his transformation to a …


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