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Tess of the D

Tess of the d‘Urbervilles written by Thomas Hardy is a novel about a young girl of a poor family whose life changes because someone tells her family that they belong to a noble family. But is it a bad change or a good one? This story is written in third person point of view.
John Durbeyfield is walking through the street at night and suddenly a historian visiting the town, stops and tells him that his last name is really d‘Urberville and it belongs to a noble family. Sir John hurries and tells the news to his family.
He is a very poor man. So he tells his young daughter, Tess, to go find job at their "family's" town, but Tess's mother never warned her about how mean man can be.
There, Tess meets a man, Alec d‘Urberville, and in a short time he manages to seduce her and he forces her to do something she didn't want to. She leaves immediately that town and shortly after finds out that she is pregnant but her baby, soon after being born, dies. This makes her have a lot of anger towards men.
When she goes to find a job at another town she meets a very charming man, Angel Clare, and very soon they fall in love and get married, but when Tess tells him her dark secret he is not able to forgive her after
he has done wrong too by having relations with a woman he did not love, and knowing it was not Tess's fault. He then leaves her.
While Angel is gone Alec starts to seduce Tess again and she falls for him again. When Angel realizes he was wrong it was too late. Tess then realizes she really loves Angel. Alec was still that mean man she had met and was forced to kill him. Angel and Tess are finally very happy, but just for two
days because Tess is put in jail and killed.
Alec ends up marrying Tess's sister Liza-Lu like Tess wanted when she knew she was going to be killed.
This story takes place in the countryside of England atfirst in a little village called Marlott, …


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