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That Was Then This Is Now Essay

They’re both irresponsible teenagers with nothing to do but fight and steal. Towards the end of the book you can see the separation between them as Bryon matures and Mark doesn’t. When Bryon gets home after a long, hard day, he finds out Mark has been selling drugs. Bryon should not have turned Mark in. Bryon was mad and shook at what happened to M&M.

M&M had just lost his Mind from drugs and Mark was selling them. Bryon suspected Mark sold the drugs to M&M. Bryon should have waited for Mark to explain himself before e called the police after all Mark was his “brother” and best friend for years. Mark was his brother and although what he did was wrong, Mark would have stopped if he know that it was bothering Bryon. Before turning him in Bryon should have talked to Mark.

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When Bryon called the police he was thinking about M&M and Cathy, nothing was going to change his mind he was going to send Mark to jail without even thinking what it would do to Mark or his mom . lf I were Bryon I would have waited for Mark to come home, talk to him and tell him to stop. Mark WOUld have stopped if Bryon told him so. Bryon didn’t even give him a chance to say his side of the story. The title of the book fit the novel because the characters of the novel change and so does their relationship.

They start as best friends and throughout the novel their relationship starts falling apart. At the end of the novel Marks hatred for Bryon increased. Bryon becomes mature and grows up to be responsible and aware of the consequences of life.


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