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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Novel #1
A mischievous boy who does whatever he wants. The life of this boy is almost liberal to as an adult and his Aunt Polly isn't helping much. He decides that this life isn't for him and runs away with a couple of his friends. This story was based on the authors experience as a boy.
The story was about a boy named Tom who like all boys in his society hate to go toschool. The love, Becky Thatcher, breaks his heart and after this he witnesses a murder of the young Doctor Robinson to a Native American Injun Joe. Tom and Huck runaway and make an oath to never tell anyone of what they just seen. They find out that their funeral is going to take place and hurry to witness it. Rejoiced by all of his friends back at his home he decides to stay and not come back. After the Muff Potter trials began he began to feel really guilty and testified against Injun Joe. When Potter is acquitted Injun Joe escapes from a window. He flees to an abounded house. Tom and Huck decide to go look for treasure at the same house in that house and not aware of Injun Joes presence. Injun Joe is under the suspicion that someone maybe in that house as well other than him so instead of reburying the gold he decides to take it. Huck find him and watches his every move to nab the gold. Meanwhile Tom goes off to the cave to have a picnic with his classmates. He and Becky Thatcher get lost in the cave and run into Injun Joe. The search party is sent and when they were just about to give up out comes Tom and Becky. Judge Thatcher locks the cave so Injun Joe can starve to death. Tom and Huck come back to the cave and discover a box of gold. It is invested in them and then Huck decides to runaway from civilization. Tom said if he comes back he can join his group to robbers. Obviously, Huck agrees.
This story was based on the authors experience because, when he was younger, he would do a lot of the thing Tom and Huck would do. He would go have adventures w…


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