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The Alchemist

The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho was about a young boy who traveled Spain as a shepherd before traveling Africa searching for a treasure, or his Personal Legend.The boy encounters many difficulties on his path, but overcomes them all with help from several different people.He learns to communicate with nature by reading omens and listening to his heart and in turn he becomes an alchemist and achieves his Personal Legend.He also finds his treasure along the way and ends up being a wealthy young man.
The main themes of The Alchemist are searching for Personal Legends and reading omens.Throughout the book, the boy learns to do both which makes him an alchemist in the end.Also, the book stresses that everything happens for a reason.Every time the boy was hurt or tricked, it was fate and it was supposed to happen.He realized this and looked into it deeper and saw what good could come out of it.The book teaches to pay attention to everything that happens around you, including in your dreams and visions.Then, as one sees these visions and dreams, they must listen to their heart and do what it says.Once the boy was able to translate his visions to reality, he could find his treasure and his Personal Legend.
I enjoyed reading this book.It was not too challenging and it made me think about different kinds of things.It made me wonder about the dreams I have had and whether or not they were omens that I should look into.It also made me think of all the strangers I have ever met and if they were omens and if I should have looked at them as more than just strangers.The book also relates to human nature.All of the main characters in the book were searching for their Personal Legends.They all wanted to be happy and have money.Human nature is the same way.Every person wants happiness in their life, while most people want money to go along with it.This book inspires me to search for ha


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