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The Aviators

Summary of story: The Aviators is a historical fiction book about the Vietnam war. The book starts in the Republic of South Vietnam at the Pleiku Air Force base. Lieutenant John S. Oliver Jr. is contacted by the Green Berets, he meets a Captain named "Father" Lunsford they develop a new plan for extraction. The new plan is to use two "Gun ships" and two "Skids", a "Gun ship" is a Huey Helicopter with two M-60s, a 40mm grenade launcher and two rocket pods and a "Skid" is a Huey Helicopter with no weapons and is designed to take many people, the plan calls for the team to choose two fake landing points and one real one. The "Gun ships" will clear each fake landing point and the "Skids" will touch-and-go each fake then stop to take the team on at the real one. When Oliver leads the team of helicopters to pick-up Father's A-team the Viet-Cong manage to shoot down one of the "skids", Oliver orders all the "Gun ships" to unload as much ammo as they can, so they will be light enough to take on the remaining people, however Oliver didn't make his helicopter light enough and when he tries to clear the tree line the helicopter tears itself apart, and crashes. Most of Oliver's men survive the crash and the remaining members of the A-team meet up with them, "Father" is too hurt to command the team so he gives command to Oliver. Oliver manages to get the team home safely, but is badly injured he has been shot three times and has never taken any pain-deading drugs because we wants to be fully conscious. Then Oliver is taken to a Hospital in Germany where he is awarded the Silver star and the Purple heart with four oak leaf clusters ( the highest award for injuries suffered in combat ). Then Oliver is flown to the states where he takes a job as General Belloman's Aide-de-camp and he is also promoted to captain. Oliver is trying to he…


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