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The Biography Of Abraham Lincoln

Every American, over eight years old, ought to know the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life. More than this, every American ought to know the best of Lincoln’s writings. Above all, every American ought to know the man, Abraham Lincoln. To give to children an understanding of his great life, an appreciation of the simplicity and purity of his literary style, and a love of the man, has been the purpose of this little book; an easy-to-read biography is ideal for readers of all ages. Contents: Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V A Great Man A Forgiving Man Kind Of Lawyer An Ugly Man The Bull Story The Little Woman Not Afraid Kind Of Religion Mr. Lincoln’s First Dollar Mr. Lincoln At Sunday School Tribute To The Women More Light Wanted The Shooting Story First Rightful Decision God Needed Church For Soldiers A Doubtful Abutment Signing Emancipation Proclamation Mr. Lincoln’s Endurance General Fisk’s Swearing Story Getting Rid Of A Bore Little Influence With Administration His First Speech How He Divided Money Helped His Step-Mother A Small Audience Noise Don’t Hurt Lincoln On Temperance Mr. Lincoln’s Poem To Be Memorized Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech In addition, Einstein Books’ edition of “Boys’ And Girls’ Biography Of Abraham Lincoln” contains supplementary material: • A Brief Biography Of Abraham Lincoln, • One Hundred Abraham Lincoln Quotations, • Timeline Of Abraham Lincoln’s Life, and • Lincoln’s Farewell Address.


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