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The Bluest Eye

This story begins with Rosemary Villanucci, which is the neighbor of the
MacTeer's, making fun of Claudia and Frieda MacTeer while she was sitting her
nice little Villanucci's Buick. The girls were picking up coal that had fell out of the
railroad cars. The house that they live in has quite a bit of space, but it is very old
and has lots of bugs crawling around it. One day while the girls were gathering up
some coal Claudia caught a nasty cold. Her mother was mad, but she was not mad
at Claudia she was mad at the sickness. Claudia thinks that her mother is mad at
her though. Her sister helps make Claudia feel better by singing to her. The
MacTeers are getting a new tenant, Henry Washington. The girls heard their
mother talking about him saying he was going to live with old Miss Della Jones.
They also hear their mother say that he shouldn't live with her because she is old
and senile. Mrs. MacTeer talked about how miss Jones's husband ran of and left
her for another woman because he thought Miss Jones smelled too clean for him.
Henry has never been married and he has a good rep of being a good worker and he
can keep a job. When he gets there the girl love him because he always plays around
with him and he likes to do magic tricks for them. He does the one where he makes
the penny disappear and you have to find it.
There is one more child that lives with the MacTeers her name is Pecola
Breedlove. She is like the main character of the story. MacTeers has custody
temporarily of her because her father is crazy and he burned their house down.
Since she moved in with the MacTeers she love to drink milk out of a Shirley
Temple cup. Claudia doesn't like Shirley Temple and she doesn't like the baby dolls
she gets for Christmas because they have blonde hair and they have blue eyes. She
destroys them every time she gets one claiming she doesn't …


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