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The Chocolatte War

Jerry Renault, the main character, is a fourteen-year-old boy who is a freshman at Trinity Highschool.In this book it tells how a young boy in a new environment can lose control of his identity by just trying to fit in with the rest of the people.He does this by trying to please a group of kids, the Vigils, who basically run and have control over the school.
The book starts out with Jerry at football practice and it gets into his head explaining all of the emotions that he goes through not only on the field but also in his life.Jerry is a single child that lives with his dad who is a pharmacist.They live in an apartment.The reason for this is his mom is dead.She had just died due to an illness.Because of the presents that she left in the house Jerry and his dad felt it necessary to move out that way it would be easier to move on with their lives.From hear out the book goes on to describe Jerry's normal day and how he and his dad follow this routine.In the routine Jerry wakes up, goes to school, comes home does homework and then watches some TV before going to bed.For Jerry's dad he wakes up, goes to work, comes home and eats, and then goes right to bed because of his job he some times gets called in at all different hours of the night.
Then one day hanging in Jerry's locker was a note that said "Vigils meeting subject assignment".Because he new he would be in trouble if he didn't go, he went.His assignment was that he was not to sell any chocolate during the sale.This normally might not seem like a big thing but every year the school counts on this money to keep running.
That's what he did but instead of selling the chocolate at the end of the ten days he decided to become his own man and not sell chocolate at all.This was a mistake because he did not follow the assignment to sell the chocolate after the ten days.For this he was severely punished one day after p…


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