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The Chrysalids

The Chrysalid's is a novel based on the despair of our own society in the past, present, and future. John Wyndham's give the opportunity to see mankind not in the ideal way as most would like, but in a quite realistic way.
The story takes place hundreds maybe even thousands of years after an atomic war ruined civilization and left parts uninhabited. In Waknuk the danger of mutation has led to a strict definition of what runs humanity. David Strorm is the protagonist in the novel who is secretly telepathic and shares his experiences with several other people his age. David's father is very religious, and uses his position in society as an advantage to destroy and got red of all human deviations. His younger sister Petra has a mutation to powerful it endangers David and his telepathic friends.
In my opinion how they treat people with mutations is horrible because there really is no true image. A true image of man can't be proven right by using theories, which are two-faced. Their theories were developed from experiences of man, mainly from his tribulation. The Waknuk people are insecure about themselves, so they use God as an excuse for harassment of the deviates. Their methods do not make sense because it shows man does not know where to stop, even if it means almost destroying the earth. I feel that they are too harsh because all of there ideas and related to their differences. Most of these differences are just physical or mental ability.
I feel that if people are being sent away, from their families, sometimes at birth to a place (the fringes) where they fend for themselves daily is very cruel as it would make them feel worthless and likely miserable. The only way to improve their way of life is to accept people and things for who and what they are, not what they look like. To have a deviation doesn't make'you' less valuable as a person. It's what's inside of people that make


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