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AUTHOR: John Grisham GENRE: Realistic Fiction

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Answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

1. Describe the main charecters in your novel (6)

a. Mark Sway – Mark Sway is an adverage 11 years old.He lives in a trailor park with his mom and his little brother Ricky. Mark is a person who thinks alot about things in his life. He is smart and quick with comebacks. Mark is a bad sometimes, because he swears, smokes and lies alot. He cares alot about his mom and brother, they are his top priorities and all of his discisions. He accidently witnesses the suicide of a lawyer.

b. Reggie Love – Reggie Love is Marks lawyer that he hires one day. Reggie is 52 years old. She has short, grey hair. She’s not old, but not young. She doesn’t like to be called by anything but Reggie, and if someone does call her “Ms. Love, or Ma’am” she lets you know about it. She has only been out of her league for about 5 years, but she is still a very good at what she does, and she has alot confidence for herself. She knows the law well, and that helps win her cases.

c.Roy Foltrigg – Roy Foltrigg is a United Startes attorney who is trying to convict Barry Muldanno of killing a U.S. senator. Foltrigg thinks pretty much of himself and he is confident he will win the trial against Muldanno. After Mark gets involved he gets determend to make Mark talk.

2. Describe the setting. Include time AND place. Provide specific details. (4)

There are 2 main settings in the story. The story takes place in present time, in Memphis, and New Orleans. The suicide of Jerome Clifford took place in Memphis, where Mark and Reggie live, but the trial of the U.S. Senator took place in New Orleans where Barry Muldanno lives. The places the story is most of the time, is the Hospital where Ricky is staying, and various courthouses.

3. Briefly describe the plt. Include all the parts of a …


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