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The Corporation Documentary

The documentary film, The Corporation, shows brutal economic reality of contemporary times, where humanity has been degraded to the role of servants of corporations. However, this documentaryreveals the origin and country of corporations: USA. Therefore, phenomenon which is economic expansion of corporations, their strong position and activities in contrary to social needs and natural environment are differentiated as well as its pace and strength. However, it can't be denied, that corporations have economically conquered the world, within help of consumerism, globalization and mass culture. 19th's century nightmare directly connected with industrial and second industrial revolutions came back in 21st century and has been strengthen with ICT and information technologies (IT). In my opinion, the source of the power of corporation lays in so called harsh-capitalism, which originates in 19th century. Nowadays, small or medium enterprises are led to bankruptcy by corporations on the free market in competitive way. SME's can't compete with huge, international corporations on the mass scale and in long-time perspective.
Corporations provide anonymity and blurred responsibility for taken decisions and their results. That means that any search of responsibility is harder and also blurred. Moreover, where there is no clear and well-known decision making organ, there is no connection and specific social or moral'bond' with moral and social issues of local society of the region where particular corporation operates. That allows corporation to act against society, completely ignoring their needs, traditions and way of life. Moreover, local society (naturally if it would like to), would not have any legal instrument of pressure on corporation to pull back from their antisocial or anti natural economic actions and policy. It is also observed from the social point of view: corporations (or rather, their products…


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