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The Crucible

Abigail Williams portrays Miller’s affair with the inner voice and guilt.Arthur Miller saw guilt as a habit of mind capable of being over come. It is seen in Abigail who exhausts her conscience to get herself out of trouble by accusing Tituba, and then to seek revenge on the adults who make her life miserable. Abigail Williams seeks the devotion of John Proctor who was a very proud man, who was considered a leader by many of the town;s people.John Proctor’s mistake was having an affair with their servant Abigail.Later, he regrets having this affair, and he wants Abigail to forget that it ever happened.
John Proctor seems to be faced with trouble dealing with his conscience.John knows that he is a ‘sinner’.He knows that his affair with Abigail was wrong, because he feels it is wrong.Even though Abigail still lusted for him, he said: “…I may think of you softly from time to time.But I will cut off my hand before I'll ever reach for you again.Wipe it out of mind.We never touched, Abby…” (Miller, p. 23).
Although John confessed the affair to his wife, she never fully forgave him.”…You have a faulty understanding of young girls.There is a promise made in any bed…”(Miller, p. 61).Goody Proctor says this to John explaining that Abby is now expecting an commitment.John replies “…The promise that a stallion gives a mere I gave that girl…”(Miller, p. 62). Telling Elizabeth that he did not make any promise nor will he in the future.
Abigail does not want to let him go, she wants him to decide between his wife, Elizabeth Proctor or herself.Abigail Williams despised Elizabeth, because When John confessed to Elizabeth, she fired Abigail.Also Abigail is still in love with John, and she thinks that if she kills Elizabeth, she will run off with John. Abigail wanted Elizabeth dead, and she would do almost anything to have her way, including witchcraft. One night Abigail drank blood and cast a cha…


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