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The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible , is a perfect example of how the power of accusation can be used for vengeance and hatred.During the mid 1600’s, the small town of Salem, in colonial Massachusetts, becomes corrupted by accusations of witchcraft.As the plot begins to unfold, so do the motives of all the characters.Each character uses the trials as a way to prove or do something that will satisfy themselves.
As we look at John Proctor, we see an honest, upright, blunt spoken man, who is led astray by his lust for Abigail Williams.In turn, Abigail develops a hatred for John’s wife, Elizabeth.Abigail goes on a rampage of accusing people of witchcraft, and John realizes his only way to stop her is to confess to his sin of adultery.Proctor will put himself in great shame, and in turn, lose his good name.He is a very proud man, and his good name is very important to him.Because of this, he tries to get Marry Warren to confess that Abigail and the other girls are simply pretending, and making everything up.Sensing the pressure,Marry lies, and confesses to witchcraft.When this fails, John is forced to confess his sin, and calls Abigail a “harlot.”This too was a failed attempt, because Abigail had already stirred up enough trouble.Faced with the chance to save his life by lying and confessing to witchcraft, John turns away.He almost succumbs to giving his confession away, but realizes how important his good name is to him, even if he is dead.Also, it would dishonor his fellow prisoners who were willing to die for the truth.
As we look at Abigail Williams, we no doubt see the villain in this play.She goes on a rampage, manipulating and molding the town to her every will.She is a great deceiver and sends many innocent people to their deaths.Abigail is the antagonist in this play, and is only worried about saving herself.Her main motive in the beginning is to simply kill Elizabeth P


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