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The Crucible

Book Review: The Crucible

This critically acclaimed play, by Arthur Miller, takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in the year 1692.It illustrates the historic incidents that occurred during the Salem witch trials.During that time and era, these documented events truly are "one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history" writes Miller (2).The reader is engulfed in this emotional tale about betrayal, deception, greed, possession, and power.Miller brilliantly put together a story where each character expresses distinct traits.
The story is primarily about a secret love affair between two main characters, Abigail Williams, who is actually eleven years old, and John Proctor, who is sixty.However, in Miller's drama, Abigail is seventeen and Proctor is thirty-five (Miller xiv).This particular love affair ignites a variety of controversies between Proctor, his wife Elizabeth, Abigail and her family, and the entire town of Salem when Abigail, along with a few other girls, falsely accuse others in the town of witchcraft.During those days, Salem had very strict laws that abided by church rules.It was considered taboo for a married man to have an affair with another woman.In a desperate attempt, Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft so she can have Proctor for herself if Elizabeth is found guilty and hanged.Because of this childish finger pointing, citizens of the town are afraid and paranoid of their neighbors who they thought might be witches.These actions also infect other townspeople when repeated accusations occur during that period. For example, Thomas Putnam accuses his neighbors of witchcraft just so he can purchase their lands if they are found guilty.Although they were completely innocent, most of the accused were found guilty by these accusations and were put to death.In the end, Abigail was found missing and the court realized that her accusations were false.John Proctor…

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