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The Crucible & Era Evaluation

The Crucible & Era Evaluation

In 1953, a man by the name of Arthur Miller wrote a play not only as a historical allusion, but more specifically a piece based on criticism and comparison. The Crucible it was named. Miller, by implying the Salem witch trials was similar to that of the actions by Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy, created a critical work of art that, as a side effect, threw Miller in the McCarthy line-of-fire. It is important to note this wasn't a straight historical play and was never intended to be, although Miller did use historical figures and places.

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September 1662, the theocratic town of Salem experienced a very different way of life while certain members of the community were selected and prosecuted for accusations and suspicions. The indictment was the case of witchcraft. 19 men and women were brutally interrogated, possessions were seized, and everything was used against them in court. There was no way out. Confession meant a life of rejection by the town. Sticking to the truth and believing the Devil didn't affect actions of the citizens meant death by hanging at Gallows Hill. Among these killed, hundreds of others faced accusations of witchcraft and were immediately jailed without trial. The established court ruined many innocent people and destroyed their names simply because of a scare brought about by a deceitful Salem citizen.

Jump ahead approximately 290 years to the 1950s. American senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin has gained recognition and power for his hate for communism in the country and realized the potential destruction of America's capitalistic ideals. He stated he had suspicions of 205 card-carrying communists within the Country who have already infiltrated the state departments carrying out anti-American activities. Among the 205 accused, a range from common, everyday people to Hollywood actors like Chaplin were accused of being Communist members. Lives were shot down …


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