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The Dark Half by Stephen King

During the seventies, Stephen King wrote several stories under a pseudonym, Richard Bachman. Ten years later King incorporated the idea of a writer using a fake name in a novel called "The Dark Half" published by Penguin Books USA Inc. in 1989. It’s the story of Thad Beaumont, a writer who lives in Ludlow, Maine. His “other” is George Stark, who writes crime novels about a killer named Alexis Machine. When it’s learned that Thad Beaumont is really George Stark, he and his wife Elizabeth come up with a photo opportunity, a daylight burial of George. His tombstone at the local cemetery says it all: NOT A VERY NICE GUY.
When he was 11, Thad Beaumont had to have surgery on his brain to remove what was thought to be a tumor. It turned out that the ‘tumor’ was something else. Thad is soon visited by Sheriff Alan Pangborn, asking questions about the mysterious murders that are going on. Somehow, Thad's fingerprints are all over the crime scene.
Pangborn soon learns why Thad had to have surgery when he was a kid and that he was twins. The unborn brother was absorbed into Thad and later removed from his skull when he was a boy. He had suffered from severe headaches, and it was originally thought to be a tumor causing them. Somehow, Stark resurrects himself and starts to kill everyone he believes is responsible for his “death”.After Stark murders the people responsible for his "death" he makes contact with Thad. All Stark seems to want is for Thad to write another novel as his pseudonym, and he is going to go to any length to get him to do it. Thad experiences blackouts every now and then. Soon, he finds out that him and George share a telepathic bond. This explains how he can see George’s murderous rampages, and how the two can telegraph pain to one another.
This is a very good book that starts out a little too slow. The pace set at the start of the book doesn’t really pick up like you might expect. As you start


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