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The Day Without Emotion

There's a pink pill for depression. There's a blue pill for anxiety. There's also a violet pill for stress. Put them all together and you will have a two hundred dollar anti-emotion pill. As years of scientific research turn into a matter of days, new medicines are being researched and produced to rid our natural ways, i.e. our natural emotions. To put it mildly, these drugs are violating our humanity. The day we rid human emotion with drugs is the day we live in a brave new world where no one emphasizes the true value of emotion.
In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, soma is a drug that people take in half-gram tablets to get away from emotional discomfort. Essentially, it makes every bad emotion go away and makes the person's life seem extremely wonderful. It's around all of the time just like mints or gum in today's world. However, soma doesn't just freshen people's breath. Unlike mints and gum, soma causes everybody in the brave new world to be "doped up," or, as the inhabitants in the Brave New World novel say, "soma holiday."
Today's world has soma, which comes in a purple pill. Along with many other antidepressant drugs, "soma" is sold and used just like any other drug, and it's legal. From usage and precautions to risk of overdose and side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness, today's soma certainly does not control human emotion in comparison to Huxley's Brave New World. However, after reviewing how far we've come with medicines, we are finding new ways to hide emotion. For example, if you're sad, depressed, or emotional, just take an antidepressant. Nervous, or just full of anxiety? Take an anxiety relief. Need something to keep you relaxed, something to ease your emotional stress? Try a muscle relaxer. Getting to the point, some of these medicines may be needed today, however, as more and more of them are created,…


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