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The Detective Story: Classic vs. Hard Boiled

The classic detective story is a tale that features a mystery and/or the commission of a crime, emphasizing the search for a solution. It is distiguished from other forms of fiction by the fact that it is a puzzle in which the reader is not a participant at all, but a witness looking over the detective's shoulder.
Although a crime usually has been committed, the reader's attention is directed to mysterious circumstances surrounding the crime rather than to the event itself. The tale's climax is the solution of the puzzle, and the main part of the narrative involves the logical process by which the investigator follows a series of clues to this solution. Very often the detective solves the mystery by means of deductive reasoning from facts known both to the character and the reader.
An example of a classical detective story is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle'sThe Hound of the Baskervilles.Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as the classic detective: arrogant, omniscient, and self absorbed who comes through not only with simplicity but also as anextremely sensitive character. He solves mysteries that interfere with the order of the society in which they live by making assumptions out of observable physical facts.
The short detective storybecame very popular and many were the authors who dedicated themselves to this genre, but the public became unsatisfied of the unrealistic characterizations in the stories and the repetitive tricks used by the detectives. This decrease of attention and interest from the readers led to the development of the hard-boiled style.
The characteristics of the hard-boiled detective are different to those of the classic one. The hard-boiled detective is usually a strong individual that is tough against himself and the others. His surrounding world is mostly hostile and aggressive, living on the mean streets of urban cities like Los Angeles and New York where fighting, drinking, swearing, p


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