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The elephant man

I had never seen this movie before, but I heard good comments about it.This movie makes us think about what is really important in our lives. What you think about been deformed, it make you less value if you are deformed?. I think that when we are involve too much in how good or bad someone looks, we lose our sensible part of being humans. I think that society is the evil force in this movie.
I think that John Merrick was a victim of society, I love the part when he is coming back on the train station and he said "I am a human, I am a man". This is the best part of the movie because with only this few words he makes the people back up.I think that the only two people whose saw more than a deformed men inside John Merrick was the Princess Alex and Dr. treeves.Nobody in the movie gave John Merrick love.The most evil person in this movie for me was Mr. Bytes, John Merrick's owner. I do not know how people could be so, mean to other human been. Mr. Bytes had no values at all. The scene where Mr. Bytes kidnap John Merrick after pouring some wine on him show all the poor values that he had.I think that on the Victorian period the people were very ignorant. They couldnot understand that a deformed man could have feelings.
Some doctors on the movie did not want to have John Merrick, in the hospital because he was a monster . It was so pathetic, this situation because we think that doctors always want to help people.One of the most ironic situations in this movie is when John Merrick is with Mr. Bytes and Dr. Treeves is looking for him.John Merrick is on a cage with the other animals and the other people from the circus help him to get out of the cage.The other deformed people show more sensibility that many other normal people.
The last scene when John Merrick die, is very sad because he goes to sleep wishing to sleep like a normal person.Sometimes we do not appreciate how much we have. When we s…


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