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The Giver

Every time I read a book; I read the back of the cover just to get a little peek of what it going to be about or if it appealing to me. "The Giver" a novel written by Lois Lowry a graduated of the University of Southern Maine seems to be very interesting."The Giver" sounds extremely attractive to me. I speculated that the book was going to be about'The Giver'a person that gives everything to the community the one that gives orders and says what can be or cannot be done within the society. In a "Perfect world" there must be a lot of organization and the Giver most likely is the one that provide this quality to its people.
An airplane is flying in community he took the wrong route and scares the community. Jonas was a witness of this event and he is also the main character in thefirst chapter he is an Eleven. What this means is that he is only eleven years old.The story stars in December when all the ceremonies are detained only from the ages one to twelve are commemorating. Jonas is very concern about turning twelve because the day of the ceremony his also assignment will be given. The novel relates a moment when Asher a friend that was "distraught" and he was late to school and as a result he apologized to the teacher plus the class.Jonas' unity family gather together to share their feeling at dinner: Jonas was really concern about his upcoming change in life since he still does not know what he would do for life. His father was assigned to be Nurture and his mother a person that implies the law. Jonas likes too many things and he wonders what the committee is given him as his permanent work. His dad relates that not many people are disappointed with what that is assigned but if for any reason someone is not happy with their work; they can always apply to request something else.
"Well, it's the last of the Ceremonies, as you know. After twelve, a…


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