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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In society many people are portrayed as pure and innocent, however in reality not everyone is pure, as they seem. In the play "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare; it presents the primary character Macbeth represents an innocent human being, but reality proves that he is a cruel evil man. The semblance of Inverness Castle looks harmless and innocent on the outside but when you peer inside the illusion, you come to realize the unholy acts of the murder. Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth appears to show her innocent self, but also wants to achieve her ambitions and constructs the plans of murder. As a result, Macbeth is lured to murder the king, Duncan, by the desire for power, an appetite whetted by the witch's prophecies and his wife's encouragement and consequenly causes him to live with guilt and discomfort for the rest of his life.
The innocence of Macbeth is shown clearly to the people of Scotland. Thefirst illusion in Macbeth's cruel massacre occurs to Duncan, the king of Cawdor, the greed of ambition overpowered him by using a "false face" (I, vii, 94) and using a false heart to hide from his sin. In order to appear innocent Macbeth's uses his false face to fool and deceive the people of Cawdor, getting them to believe that he had no connection with the murder.His false heart leads his cruel aspiration of striping Duncan of his kingship. Some of his followers see the illusion fading and discover the wrong doings of Macbeth. The problem that Macbeth now faces is the prophecy that banquo's son will be come the new king. Macbeth knows he cannot commit another murder, "and with thy bloody and invisible hand" (III, ii, 54) he does commit the murder upon Duncan. Furthermore, by killing Duncan and using his invisible hand, the prophecy of Banquo's son does not follow thru. After the second murder, the people of Cawdor get a little more curious about Macbeth and his intensio…


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