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The Goonies movie

In the past, directors have been plagued with the task of creating a classic teen movie. The idea of a classic teen movie would have to include drama, comedy, action, friendship, and most importantly a life lesson. However, today's directors seem to make carbon copies of each other work in the sense that all the teen movies of this generation are simply filled with crude humor and some form of sex or violence. Then there comes a movie not meant to have the impact it did. A new cult classic if you will, the Goonies. The Goonies is the equivalent of the Mona Lisa in my opinion, a timeless work of art. Even though I find this movie to be a true diamond in the ruff, is it really the masterpiece that I claim it to be? Or just another teenie bopper fad that will quickly fade into the forgotten. Thus begins my journey to find the holy grail of modern cinema.
My main concern was finding someone to agree with me about this movie when the entire country seems to be fascinated with the American Pies, the Alien VS. Predators and the Spongebob Squarepants. The fact is that most of the innocence has been taken away from the so called "Pepsi generation" and even kids of the 90s. The most simple values and genius are often overlooked in this movie and for that matter movies of the same caliber (if that is even possible). The Goonies comes across to me as pure fun and excitement. It plays on all of our childhood fantasies and our adult senses. From the clothes, the hair, and the music (by none other then Cyndi Lauper) it just screams the 80s, a time in my opinion when people knew how to have fun and honored great cinematography. Just look at some of the classic films of that decade. Who can forget 9-5, Animal House, The Breakfast Club, The Revenge of the Nerds, Scarface, and by far the greatest musical movie films to date Purple Rain. It was just a time when movies had a story, a purpose, and most of all they had "it". I can…


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