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The Grapes of Wrath

The book " The Grapes of Wrath" is about a family from Oklahoma migrating to California.The Joad family wanted to find a better life because they were living through the Great Depression.They suffer from econonical hardship.They had lost their farm because they had no money to pay rent on it.So the Joad's travels to California because they thought it was "the promise land" in which when they arrived it was not what they expected.They found out it was not the "land of opportunity".The Joad's lose family members to death and cowardice as they go, and are challenged by everything from weather to the authorities, and to the California's locals themselves.When the California of their dreams proves to be less then what they expected, Ma tells Tom " You got to have patience.Why, Tom us people will go on livin' when all them people is gone. Why, tom we're the people that live, they ain't gonna wipe us out.Why, we're the people – we go on." When she tells tom this she wants him to keep his spirits up.The Joads are good, honest, decent people looking for the means to earn an honest wage to feed their family.At the end of the book Tom leaves because he got into some trouble and doesn't want his family to suffer for what he has done.
The major climax of the book is when Tom Joad leaves his family.He leaves because he little sister has bragged to other kids that her big brother has killed a man.When ma finds out she told people she goes and finds tom in is hideout. Ma takes food and seven dollars to him.She tells him to go a hundred miles away, but instead he decides to preach.He wants to preach on the migrant's plight.Since he doesn't want to return to jail he decides to leave.When tom leaves the family disintegrates.They realize family does not comefirst anymore, now it's just an


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