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the grapes of wrath

Milton, J. 1991. The First Born. USA: Harvard College.
John Milton, at Harvard College, wrote this book.This book mainly deals with thefirst born child and his/her role in the family.The First Born gets very into detail about the characteristics of thefirst born child and the child’s relationship with the parents.The book also went into detail about thefirst born child’s relationship with the other siblings in the family.Milton was excellent at providing information on thefirst born child’s emotional standpoint and the different reactions the child has to family situations.
Bates, L. 1990.Inside the Family: Birth Order.London: Woodrow Publishing.
Laura Bates wrote this book, and I found it to be very good.The main topic of this book was dealing with the relationships within the family and how the birth order effects the child’s personality.The book talks about the youngest, middle, and oldest siblings and each of their roles in the family.The book also has interviews and surveys of families and discusses how the birth order effects the parents.
Ronald, D. 1992. Birth Order and it’s Effects in the Family. New York: Congress Publishers.
This book is mainly about the birth order and the characteristics and traits each one has.It explains the difference between the youngest, middle and oldest child.It begins to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that each birth position has on the child, as well as the effects birth order has on the intellectual ability of the child.All of these conclusions are through years of study and research.
Jordan, P.The Effects of Birth Order.Toronto: Smith & Porter co.
This book was once again about the birth order in a family.It provided many diagrams and bar graphs to display reoccurring trends in families over the past couple years with birth order and family traits.It provided a lot of information and showed how t


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