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The Great Gatsby

As you read the book The Great Gatsby you are introduced to four amazing characters.
The author Fitzgerald writes in a limitedfirst person, yet we grow to love and hate the
characters threw out the book.Fitzgerald uses imagery and dialogue to push us deep into
his four main characters heads.This helps us to understand there thoughts and there
Nick, the narrator, is the character that we read the book The Great Gatsby
throughs eyes.We learnfirst hand about him through his thoughts and the different
reactions Nick has to situations that he gets him self into threw out the book.As a reader
you feel the closest to Nick because you are able to listen in on his thoughts and how he
feels about the other characters, the story is told from Nicks point of view.this makes us
as readers like him more than we like the other characters.
Daisy on the other hand is a character that we are not able to knowfirst hand what
is going on inside her head.But we still learn some things about her threw her thoughts,
or the lack there of.Daisys is an extremely shallow character that often times we find that
she is thinking out loud. A prime example of how shallow she is and a scene where she is
also thinking out loud,when she says "What will we plan?" She turned to me helplessly.
" What do people plan?" (16)This is only one time where she thinks something and says
is aloud.This is often done by Daisy, she will think out loud which helps us to learn what
she is thinking at the time, it also helps us to understand her reasoning for different actions
of hers.Mrs. Buchanan also frequently shows us that she does not have a lot of substance
through her actions.Daisy begins to cry while Gatsby is showing her his many shirts.I
have never heard of a person crying over shirts. This tells us a few things about Nicks
cousin, and helps to reinforce the prior statements.


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