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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a 172-page fiction.It is written about a man named Nick Carraway and his adventures with an eccentric neighbour named Jay Gatsby.The story is told from Nick’s viewpoint of the irregular circumstances that went on over the time that they knew each other.
When Nick Carraway moved east to West Egg Village, he got more than he expected to find.He started off to a good start by meeting up with a relative, Daisy, her husband, Tom, a good friend from the war, and a friend of Daisy’s named Jordan.Over the course of time, Nick was asked to attend Jay Gatsby’s garden party, meeting up with Jordan again and Gatsby himself.Nick soon became close friends with his neighbour and a frequent visitor at his house.Though Nick was very poor and Gatsby was very rich, they seemed to accompany each other everywhere without a thought.
Because nobody knew much about Gatsby (who had changed his name from Jimmy Gatz), rumours flew like birds happy to be free.Most of the rumours were not pleasant ones.But Nick tossed most of them over his shoulder with a grain of salt, though he did question Gatsby on a few.No one really seemed to know what Gatsby did for a living, but it was rumoured that he had inherited most of his fortune but was into bootlegging as his current occupation.Although Nick considered him a good friend and a very kind, generous man, Nick never fully trusted in what he said.Gatsby kept up his claim that he had gone to Oxford although in the end it came out that he only attended for 5 months after the war.
Mr. Carraway’s aforementioned cousin, Daisy, had known Gatsby for many years before this.Gatsby later admitted to Nick (through Jordan) that he had once been in love with Daisy and that the fact of the matter was that he still loved her, thus the reason that he had moved to the West Egg.Nick was asked if he would graciously ask Daisy over for tea so that Gatsby could…


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