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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

F. Scoot Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a novel about love and disillusionment.This novel was written in the “Jazz Age” when money, status and progress were very important for Americans.At the beginning of the movie I found two themes: The importance of the social classes and the moral decadence of the period.

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On one side Fitzgerald;s novel at the beginning notes the careless, and irresponsible happiness of the period.Fitzgerald shows that these people of the 1920;s were hypocrite.Many of them at that time hope to accomplish the American dream.This novel describes the conflicts Americans were having with the actual social conditions that existed.America was suppose to be a country of democracy with an idea based on equality among people, but the truth was that social discrimination still existed and the divisions among the classes can not be overcome yet.The wild extravagance of Gatsby;s parties and the shallowness and pointlessness of his guests shows the upper class as careless and irresponsible people.

Many people were seeking to escape form their own class.Fitzgerald gives a good example of the social class problem in his novel by presenting Myrtle Wilson.She is a character that seeks to escape her own class and attempts to break into the group to which the Buchanan belong.She is the mistress of Tom Buchanan and takes on his way of living but she only becomes vulgar and corrupt like most of the rich in that era.Daisy Buchanan, Tom;s wife, knows about the mistress but tries to ignore it because she knows that Tom was not going to leave her for Myrtle.The social culture at that time allowed couples to be unfaithful.Gatsby is also an example of social class difficulties.He rises from poverty in an age when money is confused with class and nobility.He is a rich man, yet he has desire to be part of Daisy; class.She is a wealthy and beautiful wom…


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