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The Great Gatsby

After the Gold Rush in the 1850's, people came to "America" to achieve the American Dream.They believed that if they worked hard and accumulated money, they could be a part of that dream.What they didn't realize is that, like many dreams, they could not really
While Gatsby is clearly and example of a man who has achieved the American Dream, he is also proof of this dream not being what it appears to be or what people actually expect it to be.Dreamers out to achieve the American Dream think that once they have acquired vast amounts of money and possessions they will find true happiness.Sadly, the opposite is often true as evidenced by Gatsby himself.Money itself does not insure happiness.And people who strike it rich find they must deal with problems they didn't expect to encounter.They are caught between the "haves" and the "have nots," stuck in a sort of limbo, not quite belonging to either group, just like Gatsby.No longer wanting to be part of the "have nots", but still not part of the "haves", rather a part of the fringe society, hovering at the edge waiting to be in the midst of the "haves", but never being invited in.Even at his own parties, Gatsby was the fringe member of the group, more an observer than a participant, waiting for the nod of approval which, of course, he never received.No matter how much money Gatsby and the other "new money" people from West Egg have/spend, they will never be accepted by the "old money" people from East Egg.The "old money" people look condescendingly upon the "new money" people, thinking they are somehow better bred, that their money is better than the money of the "new money" people.
When Gatsby stands at the dock watching the green light on Daisy's deck, the light can be seen as a symbol of the "new money" people who wait in t…


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