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The Great Gatsby and the Love of His Life

A tragic figure, as described by the Webster's Dictionary, is a figure dealing with the sorrowful or terrible side of life.F. Scott Fitzgerald worked this into the title character of his classic, The Great Gatsby.Jay Gatsby loses his love when he goes to fight in World War I and upon his return, he must live a life filled with sorrow.He continues to pursue this lost love with Daisy Buchanan regardless of the fact that she is now married.Due to Daisy's wealth and social status, he considers these aspects of life measures of success.Also, since he spends his time pursuing Daisy, he does not have time to make friends.To an outsider, Jay Gatsby looks like a man who has everything he could ever want, but that is not the case as long as he does not have the one person he wants more than anything else.
Jay Gatsby cannot stop thinking about the woman who is no longer his.Everything that he does is for the purpose of being reunited with Daisy Buchanan, a woman he was involved with five years before.She was in love with Gatsby then, but time has passed and now she is married to Tom Buchanan and has a young daughter.In addition to these obstacles, Gatsby fails to grasp that he is not, and can never be, of the same social class as Daisy.He wants to impress her and as a result, he buys a lavish mansion across the bay from their house hoping that Daisy might see him or come to one of the social gatherings that occur there.At his parties, he does not socialize because he is not throwing them to have a good time.Rather, he spends this time trying to find people who know Daisy, so that a'coincidental' meeting between the two of them can be arranged.At one of the parties, Gatsby finds out that Nick Carraway is her cousin.He then befriends Nick and arranges to see Daisy again.Soon after the two are reunited, Daisy's husband finds out about their affair and decides to confront them.At this poi…


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