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The Great Gatsby-Concerning Political Issues of 1920

"The Great Gatsby" was a great American novel that marks many controversial social and political issues of the early twentieth century in history.The issues at hand are directly targeted to the upper class tier of the American society.Of the many class issues that exist in the novel the ones that stand out the most are socially defined levels of class conflict, disillusionment of the youth because of World War One, and the youths disregard for Victorian morality.
Love is a very powerful human emotion that can bring people of different social standings together.In today's society love can bring people of two entirely different social classes together with very little pressure and insult from third parties to keep these people apart.For example a person who is considered lower class by today's standard, could fall in love with a person who is considered to be in the upper class tier.In today's World, it would be reasonably tolerated and respected by each person's piers, a lot more than it would be at the turn of the century.
I believe that Tom and Myrtle shared a mutual love.They may have each had ulterior motives for love, for example Myrtle may have loved Tom because she believed he would wisp her away to paradise with his money.However, despite this fact I believe they did share a mutual loving relationship for each other.Myrtle, as indicated above, was very clearly lower class by that times standard.Tom on the other hand, was financially set for life, and was obviously upper class.Tom could never openly love and marry Myrtle, because it would be considered obscene.So Tom had to marry someone of his own class stature, Daisy.
Daisy was likewise in the same situation as Tom.Daisy had fallen in love with another man, Gatsby.But she had to marry Tom, because if she had run away with Gatsby, who at the time was very poor, she would have lost all of her class stature and …


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