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The Great Gatsby First Person Essay

What an exciting time I had when Tom took Myrtle, one of his many lovers, and me to a party. Tom, being a wealthy man, could afford a whole other home for his affairs and so he took us to his Morningside Heights Apartment where his affair with Myrtle took place. Of course we all drank and I must admit that I had not been so intoxicated but for one other time in my life. As I was able to keep myself in check, the alcohol did not have such a loose affect on Myrtle. Shortly after Tom presented her with a new puppy, she started talking about Daisy. He warned her not to talk about his wife but she found pleasure in his arousal and started chanting Daisy's name at which point Tom thrust his fist into her face, breaking her nose, and along with it the party. I was a bit, woozy, to put it at least, from the alcohol and ended up leaving with Mr. McKee by way of the 4 a.m. train to Long Island.
I do find myself quite the lucky one. Gatsby is known for his lavish parties and I was lucky enough to be invited to one. Alcohol and food was in abundance and everyone enjoyed themselves even though they didn't know a great deal about the host. At midnight I sat outside with Jordan and realized that the man at my table had served with me in the same division during the war. I was fascinated when he introduced himself as no other than Jay Gatsby.
I enjoyed the company of Jay Gatsby during a trip we took into New York together. He told me of his past and his accomplishments. Although many of them seem untrue, he had evidence that they were indeed fact. For example, he showed me a medal from World War I and a picture of him playing cricket at Oxford. I was impressed when we were pulled over for speeding and Gatsby produced a white card which prompted the officer to apologize for bothering us and let us on our way.
I saw Jordan Later and she informed me of how Gatsby knew Daisy and had a love for her. Jay wanted me to set up a reunion fo…


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