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The Great Gatsby4

The novel The Great Gatsby is set during the 1920’s on Long Island, New York.
In the novel, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby has a dream that a majority people would
want to live.The dream is made up of things that may vary from one person to another,
but it is still a basic dream for most people.Finding someone that you truly love and that
truly loves you back is one part of the dream.Being happy is another.The final part is
having wealth and being in the upper class of society.This dream that is pursued by so
many can endanger the future of someone because they never know what they would have
to go through to get it.
Gatsby’s main goal throughout the novel is to attain true love with a former love,
Daisy Buchanan.He knows that Daisy is married to a rich man, Tom Buchanan, so he
uses poor judgement and assumes that becoming rich will win her back.To be close to
her and try to increase his chances of being with her, Gatsby moves across the bay to
West Egg Island.Nick Carraway, the narrator and Gatsby’s main friend throughout the
novel, is an acquaintance of the Buchanans and helps set up a meeting between Daisy and
Jay.Gatsby finally meets Daisy and begins to spend more time with her, hoping that she
will leave her husband for him.At the end of the story, however, Gatsby begins to realize
that his love with Daisy would not happen at all.When Gatsby sees Daisy’s daughter he
realizes the truth.Her marriage is real and he cannot have her.Fitzgerald expresses this
by writing, "afterward he kept looking at the child with surprise.I [Nick Carraway] don’t
think he had ever really believed in her existence before.;He also realizes that Daisy
likes the status quo and likes the security of being known as Mrs. Buchanan, so she will
not leave her husband.
Wealth is the only idea in the dream that is obtained by Gatsby, but it doesn’t
bring him what he expected and desired.Gat…


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