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The Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy

It all started on a Thursday when Arthur dent woke upto the sound of construction outside his house. He went outside to idenify the sound and then he saw a bulldozer about to run over his house. He stood his ground knowing that with him in the way the bulldozer, it can’t go over Arthur himself. But all this didn’t matter though because the world was about to end. So as Arthur argued about his house Arthur’s friend named Ford Dent came and brought Arthur to a bar to talk about something important that was going to happen in about 12 minutes. While Ford told Arthur about the end of the world happening soon. It had already begun. The Vogons warn the planet of it’s destruction and did so afterward. Luckily, Ford had the idea of hitching a ride with the Vogons which cause Arthur and Ford to survive. Auther then found out from Ford that he is from Betelgeuse The Vogons didn’t like these new hichhikers that they picked up. So after .much torment of the Vogons poetry, they then got!
kicked out of the space ship into the deep cold vastness of space. From which they only had 30
seconds to live. After 29 seconds they got picked up again by a vessel called the heart of gold. This vessel worked on an “infinite improbability drive”. The ship decided how improbable it was that it would end up at a specific place at a specific time for no apparent reason, then generated a field with just that level of improbability. The owner of this ship was the president of the galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox, Zaphod is from the same planet that Ford is from, Betelgeuse. On
this planet there was a myth of another planet called Magrathea. The myth states that Magrathea would custom build other planets to ones liking. The location of
this planet was one of the mysteries about it,but the Infinite Improbability drive was able to figure out excatly where it could be found. Also aboard this ship was an android named Marvin. Marvin is an extremely smart and depressed andro…


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