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The hobbit

The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien, published by Ballantine Books in 1937, 304 pages.
The Hobbit is a book that shows that even the most unlikely person, or hobbit can turn out to be a real hero. In the book, Bilbo gets caught up in an adventure that will later change his life.
In the beginning Bilbo Baggins ran into an old acquaintance, Gandalf, a wizard, who he had met many years earlier at festivals, in which Gandalf made fireworks with his magic. Bilbo and Gandalf talked for a while and Bilbo being the kind hobbit he was invited him for tea the next day.
The next day at about the time Bilbo had expected Gandalf he heard a knock at the door, but when he opened the door it was in fact not Gandalf but a little dwarf the dwarf introduced himself and let himself in. After that many dwarves followed, in fact 9 more had come to the little hobbit’s doorstep. Then finally after all the dwarves had made themselves comfortable he heard another wrap at the door, and sure enough it was Gandalf along with 3 other dwarves.
That night Gandalf and the dwarves spoke of adventure and of dragon’s gold that had once belonged to the leader of the dwarves father. They also spoke of an adventure they were about to embark on, and then they turned to Gandalf and asked what of the 13th member of the party. Gandalf spoke up and said, “My, the one I have chosen is the burglar Mr. Baggins.” Bilbo did not seem pleased he had no need of adventure, even though he was secretly intrigued, but more so he was very frightened. After a bit of discussion Bilbo agreed to go and they all went to bed.
When morning came Bilbo found no one in his hobbit hole, and it is needless to say that he was pleased, yet he was also a bit disappointed. Then he found a note from Gandalf on the Mantle telling him to meet them at the inn. So he did and his adventure had begun.
Many conflicts transpired during their trip to the lonely mountain where the dragon lay with their g…


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