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The Hot Zone

The book takes place in two cities. Reston Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington DC, Kenya Africa. The story takes place in the 1980’s.In the book, Preston talks about how extremely contagious different strains of the Ebola virus can be.Even though the event was set in Washington, D.C., technically, the virus could spread out and potentially effect everyone, including me.
If, by any chance, I was in a hospital and someone infected with the virus was being treated there I could be effected or have the potential of being effected by Ebola or even the Marburg strain.The way that this would happen is by some of their contaminated blood entering my bloodstream.This is not all that hard to believe, it could easily happen.
If I were doctor, I could be eventually be involved in a medical dilemma such as the one that was talked about in the book.Doctors can deal with dozens and dozens of patients a day.As a doctor, it would be my duty to study and know about the virus.Because the virus can be so contagious, I would also be responsible for knowing ways of preventing the spread of the disease.If I were a scientist in the medical field, I would research different ways of preventing not just the disease, but also how to prevent outbreaks.
I believe that there were interventions that were overlooked in the story.The monkeys that were the carriers of the disease could have been examined more thoroughly.In their defense, they had no way of knowing that the monkeys were infected.However, if they had been tested the entire ordeal could have been avoided.
I think that there are things that I would have done differently if I were medically affected by the problem.I would have done a better job of trying to seal off the room where the virus was found.However, if I were actually personally infected by the virus, there would be nothing I could physically do.The symptoms of the virus would have prevented me f…


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