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THe Hunt For Red October

The Hunt for Red October and The Cardinal of The
There are many fictional books written to be enjoyed for their
contents.However, the interest of the reader in the contents of a book is
sometimes affected by the realism with which the plot is introduced.Tom
Clancy is an author of many books concerning the military.He is one of
the most outstanding authors for writing fictional novels to do with
military.His novels The Hunt for Red October and The Cardinal of The
Kremlin provide insights which will capture the imagination of many
readers.Using historical facts, references to real military hardware and
believable characters, Tom Clancy is able to develop believable plots.
Tom Clancy’s insight into history allowed him to write a very
realistic and therefore believable plot.His use of historical events
which actually took place and were incorporated into his stories allowed
him to enhance motives for the fictional conflict. Many people who lost
trust and belief in the Communist system defected to the United States and
other countries.Through use of historical facts such as defection in The
Hunt for Red October (THRO), Clancy is able to advance his plot.
Defections for political reasons happened quite often during the Cold War.
There were many defections in history starting back in World War II when
famous people like Albert Einstein defected to the use because the Germans
discriminated again him being Jewish (pg. 124-5, Vol. 9 Funk & Wagnalls
Encyclopedia).The more recent occurance of defection to the US of a high
ranking deputy chief of staff del Pi;o DЎaz happened in 1987 (pg. 24, “A
flight to freedom”).Ramius was the main character in the novel who
decided to defect.The character helps Clancy to develop reasons for which
such a high ranking commander would defect and later cause conflict to
occur between the U.S. and Soviet Union.The use of …


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