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The Hunt for Red October

Brian’s Winter

This book was written as a sequel to Hatchet.

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At the end of Hatchet Brian was saved from the

island that the plane had crashed on.This book

acts as if that had never happened.You might call

it a ‘what if’ book.Brian has learned to take

care of himself with only his hatchet and his

surroundings.Now, winter is coming and he will

have to face new obsticals.When the cold begins

to near he decides he needs a way to keep the fire

going.He worked out a ventilation system in his

small hut.After this, he procedes to find a

source of clothing to keep his body warm.He uses

deer hide.He sews this together with twine from

the survival pack he retrieved from the plane.As

time goes on he notices the ice will freeze over

and fish will no longer be his primary source of

food.He manages to build a bow and arrow acurate

enough to kill rabbits.Later, he kill a deer to

make the clothing I mentioned earlier.After many

trial and errors he manages to successfully

survive.During the winter he had to overcome a

bear who spontaneously raided Brian’s camp, the

cold,and hunger.One time, in late winter, Brian

thought he heard a gun shot.I turned out the water

in trees froze and expanded causing the tree to

have almost a small explsion.The next time he

heard this it was far too warm for the water to

freeze and expand.He deccided the next day to

travel towards the noise and investigate the sound.

When he came to the spot he had anticipated the

sound he found tracks that had dog track outlined

by two solid lines.He followed these to a small

cabin.He was met by a man who simply smiled and

welcomed him.Brian later finds out the man and

his family knew about him and his whereabouts the

whole time.They thought he was a hermit type who

insisted on being alone since there wer…


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