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The Illustrated Man summaries

This chapter included vivid sensory detail, creating great imagery of the illustrated man.The narrator met the illustrated man running down an asphalt road in Wisconsin.In a days time the man had learned the life story of the illustrated man, including the day that he got his illustrations, and the "tattoo artist" who he plans to kill if ever seen again.When watched, the illustrations move, and each tell a story.While spending the night with him under a bench, the narrator watched the forbidden illustrations come to life as the chapter ends.
This story upon the illustrated man was of the Hadley family who had purchased a house, which did everything for them except for sleep.The house even carried them from floor to floor, by an air flue. The two children, Peter and Wendy, because of the house, overtime had replaced their parents with the a room called a vedlt.The vedlt made the thoughts of whoever was in it come to life.The children learned to love this room, because it gave them everything they wanted.When the children learned of their parents' plans to try and "kill" the entire house, they informed the vedlt, and had the lions in the vedlt of Africa, to eat their parents.Bradbury is showing us to not let technology go to far, and not to let technology run our lives.
In this chapter, a rocket had blown up, leaving its' crew falling in space.Though thousands of miles away, the crew was able to talk about where they were headed, after realizing that they had no choice.Once all communication was lost, captain Hollis realized that he had nothing to try and live for, and thought of what he could now do for himself to say that his life had been worth living.There was nothing.The chapter ends with captain Hollis burning alive like a shooting star over Illinois.The theme in this chapter is to live for today.You can't always think, "well there's tomorrow.&quo…


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