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The Imperialist

In Sara Jeanette Duncan's novel The Imperialist, she introduces to the reader a character by the name of Alfred Hesketh.The introduction of this character comes during the Elgin delegation visit to England.He becomes fast friends with Lorne Murchison.It is Duncan's purpose to further develop the ides of an international theme with his presence.Hesketh represents, in the beginning, the ideas and beliefs of England.Although he has these beginnings, we soon find out that he is more like a blank slate then a book of information.Upon his arrival to Elgin, Canada we see that his thoughts and beliefs are easily transformed, in part by Lorne himself.Duncan finds Hesketh's character to be a sturdy one, with some holes but none the less his contributions to Canadian politics seems to be important, albeit a small one.
Alfred Hesketh is a young man, only one year older then Lorne Murchison.Lorne had never met anyone quite like him.Hesketh was in a unique condition.He comes from a wealthy family, though he has no money of his own.He is smart, with a good public ad university education behind him.Although he wasn't as bright as some of his classmates he knew that there was more out there in the world for him then simply loafing around. (133) It seemed as though Mr. Hesketh was searching for something.He had not enough money for politic and not enough interest for pubic service. (133) With such freshness and curiosity about him, he had the temperament and situation to be easily moulded.He had an open mind though, to politics both of the new country and of England and he listened intently to what Lorne had to say on the subject of imperialism.Eventually he confessed to Lorne that he had brought him round to the Imperialist view. (136)
Unfortunately for Lorne, he seemed to have over estimated Hesketh's similarity in his own views.Lorne naturally assumed that because Alfred was entertaining …


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