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The Inferno

Dante is a man that one day found himself in the dark wood of error.He wanted to reach the Mount of Joy, but in order to do so he mustfirst descend into Hell.Virgil, his guide who represents "Human Reason", takes Dante through the gates of Hell where they find thefirst sinners of Hell being tormented.Then they cross Acheron, thefirst river of Hell, with the aid of Chiron, the beastly boatman of this river.Now they arrive upon thefirst circle of upper Hell.Dante describes how Hell is a funnel shaped cave that lies below the Northern Hemisphere.Also, he explains how Hell is made of up many ledges which he calls circles, and each circle has its own type of sinner, and its own unique punishment for that sinner.Thefirst circle, which is where they are now, is called the Limbo .The sinners in this place are the Virtuous Pagans, whom died before the time of Jesus Christ.This place is the highest level man can achieve without the grace of God.The sinners here are not tormented at all, but are left with the fact that they have no hope of ever leaving this place.Virgil is greeted by four poets, for this is the place where he is from and will spend the rest of eternity, and they take him and Dante to the Citadelof Human Reason.Dante sees the "Master Souls" of this place gathered together on a green.He is amazed at this sight, but also keeps in mind that this place is nothing compared to the kingdom of God.
I chose this Canto because in my mind, what I have been told about Hell, I didn't think there was a place in Hell where a soul was not tormented.Plus, if I had to go to Hell this would be the place where I would want to end up.If you look at this Canto at a historical point of view, you see that Dante was trying to tell the reader that the only way you could get to heaven in the past, is that you had to be born after Jesus Christ had died for our sins.


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