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The Invisable Push

The Invisible Push
That formidable force that makes one needs, what one usually desires; that mind-set that is really more of an entity that sits on ones shoulder, and relentlessly screams "further, further," that asset that makes those who are zealous, jealous…….This is ambition.
Ambition has been the backbone of every army. Through those great ancient Egyptian wars, through Persia, Hastings, and Waterloo, and through every other noticeable conflict that has ever existed but that I am unable to cite. Each party was blessed by pure and passionate ambition. Ambition to win at whatever cost necessary. Surely, only the collective force of ambition found in battle is liable to cause as much suffering and damage as has been caused by all the battles that have ever been won or lost. Even the weakest most injured warrior who, persevered has been touched not by insanity, but by raw ambition. Ambition is a wonder of the world, it made all seven of our lands and more. What collective zeal one must obtain to create such a phenomenon.
Some have been overtaken by blind ambition, which drives them on a mad rampage through reality. Stopping at no cost whether detrimental to themselves or others. Politics and Corporate Companies have been a spotlight though the years such as Watergate and in my opinion the current Enron Case. Hitler is another great example of blind ambition, he got so involved and drawn in, that he became conscienceless. Ambition is the source of all that is good and all that is evil. It makes the wonders but it can also make the wars.
Ambition is the winner and loser of every game. Every athlete, every chess player, every marathon runner, and every duck-legged Olympic walker glows of determination which seeps
from the pores of their ambition. When years of dedication pass the baton to ambition their is a sense to be reckoned with. No matter how tall ambition stands, someone always has to loose. Unlike the ambiti…


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