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The Journey of Telemachus’s Ma

The Journey Of Telemachus;s Manhood
Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope.After twenty years of his father;s absence, Telemachus is advised to seek out information as to his fathers whereabouts, which he does in the courts of his fathers’ friends: Menelaus and Nestor.Although Telemachus is just a boy when we are introduced to his character, he makes the transition from a boy into a man, and that man is one day going to be a reflection of his father, Odysseus.
Telemachus leaves on a journey to Pylos, the stately citadel of Neleus, to find information on his fathers’ whereabouts.At the house of Nestor, the tamer of horses, Telemachus shares wine and sacrifices to the Gods that he may accomplish his task and get home safely afterwards.After the sacrificing is completed Nestor asks where he is from and why he is here.Telemachus replies ;We are from Ithaca, which lies at Neion;s foot, and have come on private not public, business.I am searching through the length and breadth of the land for any news that I can pick up of my royal father, the gallant Odysseus.; When King Nestor hears that Telemachus is Odysseus;s son, he is more than willing to help him, however the only information that he can give to him is that his father is alive on the island of the nymph Calypso.The most important issue that King Nestor brings up is that Menelaus and Helen have just arrived from a remote region that even the birds cannot make the passage in a year’s time.
That morning, after King Nestor and Telemachus had their fill ofwine and food, King Nestor announced his wishes.;Fetch Telemachus a pair of horses and harness them to a chariot so that he can be getting on his way.; And so Telemachus and Peisistratus came to the rolling lands of Lacedaemon, deep in the hills, and drove up to the palace of Menelaus.When they arrived at Menelaus;s palace, there was a great feast i…


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