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The Jungle

Upton Bell Sinclair Jr. was born on September 20, 1878 in Baltimore. Later, he
moved to New York and supported himself writing pulp fiction. In 1901, he privately
published hisfirst novel, Springtime and Harvest (later named King Midas). The Jungle,
was Upton Sinclair's sixth novel andfirst commercially successful work and with part of
his proceeds he founded a Socialist cooperative in Englewood, New Jersey. Sinclair
wrote many novels after The Jungle, such as King Coal, Oil, and Boston. He received the
Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1943, for Dragon's Teeth, a anti-fascist novel on Nazism in
Germany. Sinclair died on November 15, 1968 at the age of ninety. Sinclair has been
widely published and translated throughout the world, with some 90 published books in
The Jungle was written to expose the filthy manufacturing practices of the packers
who used rotten, diseased, and contaminated meat. It was also written to tell how
Socialism was an answer to the problems of Capitalism.
The story starts out as a young immigrant Lithuanian couple, Jurgis Rudkus and
Ona Lukoszaite, are getting married in traditional style in the backroom of a saloon in
Chicago’s Packingtown. The couple is part of a large family that has come to America in
hopes of a better life. The book was relatively easy to understand, except for this part in
the story, because this part was a flashback. Thefirst chapter was petty boring (probably
because there were no animals getting killed, which is the reason for me reading this
The second chapter is where the story actually starts. It tells about the meeting of
Jurgis and Ona in Lithuania and sets up the background information for the main
characters and their families. After, Ona;s father dies and her family becomes poor they
decide to move to America ( I don;t want to ruin the …


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