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The Ladies Man

"Ooooo, it'th a lady," is the typical response most female callers would get from The Ladies Man Leon Phelps as soon as their sweet voice enters his radio headset.Based on the excessive use of sexual innuendo in his style of speech, Leon Phelps a.k.a. The Ladies Man, only solidifies the fact that he truly is a fun loving, care-free swinger that enjoys nothing more than a good one night stand.Leon expresses his sexual views and vocabulary mostly on his radio show and regardless of constant warnings and fines, he continues to stretch his freedom of speech to their furthest limits.He seems to perceive the women that he sleeps with to be victories, as if the concept of sex is a game to him.His constant referrals to his female flings as ,"Sweet thang," and his never-ending quest to sleep with as many women as possible only reiterates that fact that he is a man-whore, and what's more, he is proud of it.
First of all, Leon's lisp is the most notable trademark relating to his style of speaking.Every "S" that passes through his lips is transformed to a "th" sound, adding humor to his already hilarious one liners.I have noticed that many people who have speech impediments have lower self-esteem, or are on the shy side.Leon is as far from that generalization as possible.Unconsciously, that is a turn on for the ladies; seeing a guy that has confidence in himself even with an impediment that hinders many others.
Secondly, The Ladies Man is undoubtedly one of the funniest SNL characters to make a movie.For example, he thinks he is incredibly smooth with the ladies, when in reality, his pickup lines and comments are extremely corny.All that matters is that the ladies "buy it".During the opening scene in Lester's Bar, Leon imagines himself whispering sweet things into a certain ladies ear.Leon approaches her, offers a light to her cigarette, leans i…


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