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The Lady with the Dog

The film “The Lady with the Dog” is based on the short story by Anton Chekhov. The story deals with an affair between a Russian man and woman. One of the main characteristics in this story is that the author designs the settings not only to help the audiences understand what is going on in the present, but also to foreshadow what will happen in the future. Dmitri Gurov, who is under forty years old, goes to Yalta which is located in southern Russia to have a vacation alone. He is a married man with three children, a daughter and two sons. In general, he is dismissive of the other sex, referring to them as the “lower race,” but he cannot live without them. One day he meets a woman named Anna Sergeyevna who has a white Pomeranian dog. She is also married and comes from St Petersburg to vacation in Yalta alone as well. She has an affair with Dmitry and falls in love with him. After several days, they go back to their respective homes: Dmitry in Moscow and Anna in St. Petersburg. In Moscow Dmitry cannot get Anna out of his mind. After a while, he decides to find her in St Petersburg where she lives. He goes to a theater that features an opera titled The geisha hoping to see Anna and finally meet her.
When she sees him, she is horrified by the sight of Dmitry standing in front of her. She tells him to leave St, Petersburg and that she will visit him herself in Moscow soon. Then she goes to Moscow regularly every two to three months. They are in love as if they were husband and wife; however, they both know that it is a frivolous affair. One day as they talk about their future, Dmitry tells Anna that they will find a way to live openly. Chekhov uses settings to not only define physically but emotionally, as well. One of the most remarkable settings is the features of the cities where Dmitry and Anna meet. Yalta, where they meet for thefirst time, is represented as a vacation area located in the “sea front.” The warm weather of the Yalt…


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