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the Last samuri

This was an absolute wonderful movie. When I went to go see it I was just going to get extra credit, but right at the beginning of the movie I knew it was going to be good. The way the started the movie was great how they showed Tom Cruise drinking and the cut to this guy announcing he was a captain the in Indian wars. The he comes out and starts his performance which is to sell this gun, but instead of doing as he always does he calks the gun and fires it. I thought this scene was extremely funny. As the movie progresses you can tell how much he regrets what's he's done in the Indian wars cause every once and awhile when he's sleeping he has dreams of what's he's done and then he wakes up in a cold sweat. He is hired to train Japanese soldiers so the can fight against the rebellious Samurai warriors. He excepts the job because he is going to be paid five hundred dollars a month which is an awful lot of money back then. So he gets to Japan starts to train these soldiers. Then awhile later the Samurai attack the railroad and they want them to go and fight them. He tries to convince them that the soldiers aren't ready by forcing one of the Japanese men to try and shoot him and like he suspected he missed. They still make them go and attack them. So they are in the forest then can here something coming so line up in attack position. Then all of a sudden the Samurai appear out of the trees and begin to gallop there horses towards them. They start shooting, but even though they all had guns they retreated because the samurai warriors were very skilled with there blades. Until the last person who was fighting them was Tom Cruises character he was surrounded, but still he held them all back until a man with red armor stepped forward and challenged him. It looked as if he gave up ,but then he lunged forward with is sword and killed him. The leader then ordered them all to stop and they took him


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